The PRAM Central Chapter does not have a full-time staff. All Board of Directors positions are accepted on a volunteer basis and are held for one calendar year. Chapter elections are held in late fall. The PRAM Central Chapter Board meets the second Wednesday of each month.

2017 PRAM Central Board of Directors

Jennifer Gray
Jennifer Lyles Gray, President
Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company
Email: JGray@SFBLI.COM
The president presides at all meetings of the chapter and board. With the secretary, the president serves as the legal representative of the chapter. The president also chairs the board of directors and represents the chapter at all state and regional meetings.

Rob Pettit, President-Elect
Entergy Corporation
Email: rpettit@entergy.comThe president-elect assists the president in all duties in regards to chapter business. In the absence of the president, the president-elect presides at all meetings.

Mary Margaret Busby, Vice President of Programs
Holmes Community College
The vice president of programs is in charge of all program arrangements and and encourages PRAM Central members to submit ideas and suggestions for speakers and topics.

Liz Densmore, Vice President of Membership
LEC, Incorporated
The vice president of membership is responsible for the recruitment and installation of new board-approved members. The vice president of membership is also responsible for contacting prospective new members and forwarding all correspondence concerning information about the chapter, PRAM state and SPRF. The vice president of membership also chairs the annual membership luncheon.
Sandi Beason
Sandi Beason, APR, Vice President of Communications
Clinton Public School District
The vice president of communications is responsible for producing the chapter newsletter, maintaining the chapter website and publicizing chapter events.
Rob Pettit
Matt Westerfield, Treasurer
Mississippi Division of Medicaid
Email: Matt Westerfield
The treasurer is the custodian of chapter funds, with responsibility for billing and collecting annual dues and preparing and presenting quarterly and annual financial statements to the board. The treasurer signs all checks and prepares the chapter budget. The treasurer also prepares and publishes an annual budget to the membership.

Carey Miller, Secretary
Methodist Rehabilitation Services
The secretary is responsible for keeping the official records of the chapter, including monthly files, meeting notices and the membership list. The secretary also keeps a roster of members for distribution on a regular basis to the membership.
Erin Barham
Erin Barham, APR, Career Development Coordinator
Mississippi Division of Medicaid
The career development coordinator maintains the PRAM job bank and provides the chapter membership with a current list of job openings. The coordinator also organizes accreditation exams and study groups and works with the vice presidents of membership and programs to provide continuing professional development education to members.
Jean Gordon Cook, APR, At-Large Member
Mississippi Department of Education
The at-large member has full voting rights on board business and coordinates the chapter awards program.

Nicole Bradshaw, APR, Immediate Past President
Entergy Corporation
The Immediate Past President shall review the Association’s current Constitution and Bylaws annually and shall be responsible for chairing the nominating committee for new board officers.
View a list of all chapter past presidents.

Central Chapter Members in State and Regional Leadership Positions

2015 State Public Relations Association of Mississippi Board Members

  • Patrice Guilfoyle
  • Nicole Bradshaw

2015 Southern Public Relations Federation Board Members (SPRF)

  • Kristie Aylett, APR, Fellow PRSA, President
  • Meagan Shurden, VP Membership
  • Patti Wade, APR, VP Accreditation
  • Jim Beaugez, APR, Member at Large
  • Ron Barnes, APR, Member at Large
  • Kim Collins, APR, Association Assistant

2014 State Public Relations Association of Mississippi Board Members

  • Shannon Coker, Mississippi Hospital Association, President
  • Patrice Guilfoyle, Mississippi Department of Education, Vice President of Accreditation
  • Tony Bahou, Mississippi Blood Services, Treasurer
  • Caron Blanton, Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning, SPRF representative
  • Mara Hartmann, Entergy Mississippi, Inc., PRAM Central chapter representative
  • Matt Ginn, Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company, PRAM Central chapter representative

2014 Southern Public Relations Federation Board Members (SPRF)

  • Caron Blanton, Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning, Immediate Past President