Patrice Guilfoyle, APR, receives the Outstanding Professional of the Year Award in the category of Advanced Practitioner.

PRAM Central’s Outstanding Professionals of the Year awards are given annually to chapter members who are not only outstanding in their field, but who exhibit resourcefulness and creativity on the job, have an ongoing commitment to their professional development and are dedicated community servants.

Each year, chapter members are called upon to nominate a fellow member for:

  • Emerging Practitioner — up to five years’ experience
  • Practitioner — between five and 15 years’ experience; and
  • Advanced Practitioner — more than 15 years of experience.

For 2015, the Outstanding Professional Awards recipients are:

  • Erin Barham, APR – Emerging Practitioner
  • Jim Beaugez, APR – Practitioner
  • Patrice Guilfoyle, APR –  Advanced Practitioner

Read the 2015 Outstanding Professional Awards recipients recognized news post.

Learn more about PRAM Central awards by contacting Mary Margaret Busby, APR at-large member by email at

The deadline to nominate your fellow PRAM Central members for the 2016 PRAM Central Outstanding Professional of the Year awards is December 1, 2016. Please email the name and company or organization of your nominee for Emerging Practitioner, Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner categories to Mary Margaret Busby. For more details, download the nomination form!

Past Award Winners

The PRAM Central Chapter has many dynamic, outstanding members who have been honored with various awards, including:

  • Professional Achievement Award Winners
  • PRAM Central Members/State PRAM PAA Award Winners
  • Chapter Senior Practitioners
  • Outstanding Professionals of the Year Awards

View a list of Past Award Winners.