The following categories consist of PRAM competition and chapter award winners. Scroll to the bottom of the page for links to a list of PRAM Central accredited members and information about the chapter’s past presidents and life members.

Professional Achievement Award Winners 

  • Ginger Cocke (2003, 2004)
  • Carl Crawford, APR (2005,2006)
  • Caron Blanton, APR (2007)
  • Pete Smith (2008)

PRAM Central Members/State PRAM PAA Award Winners

  • Carl Crawford, APR (2005)
  • Caron Blanton, APR (2007)

Chapter Senior Practitioners

  • Lisa Wiley Hathorn, APR (2004)
  • Carl Crawford, APR (2005)
  • Caron Blanton, APR (2006)
  • Lee Ragland (2007)
  • Jarrod Ravencraft (2008)

Outstanding Professionals of the Year Awards

2005 – Advanced Practitioner Award, Tanya Rankin; Practitioner Award, Wendy Copeland; Emerging Practitioner Award, Kelly Scrivner

2006 – Advanced Practitioner Award, Caron Blanton, APR; Practitioner Award, Susan Christensen; Emerging Practitioner Award, Melissa Lott

2007 – Advanced Practitioner Award, Pete Smith; Practitioner Award, Shannon Coker; Emerging Practitioner Award, Mick Bullock

2008 – Advanced Practitioner Award, Mara Hartmann; Practitioner Award, Kelly Bilbo; Emerging Practitioner Award, Meredith Johnson

2009 – Advanced Practitioner Award, Linda Mann; Practitioner Award, Chantel Lott; Emerging Practitioner Award, Tony Bahou

2010 – Advanced Practitioner Award, Kathryn Rodenmeyer, APR; Practitioner Award, Wendy Bailey; Emerging Practitioner Award, Anne Jernigan

2011 – Advanced Practitioner Award, Patti Wade; Emerging Practitioner Award, Matt Ginn

2012 – Advanced Practitioner Award, Jarrod Ravencraft; Practitioner Award, Nicole Bradshaw, APR; Emerging Practitioner Award, Sandi Beason

2013 – Advanced Practitioner Award, Robert Lesley; Practitioner Award, Meredith Johnson; Emerging Practitioner Award, Jennifer Lyles Gray

2014 – Advanced Practitioner Award, Susan Christensen; Practitioner Award, Christian Patterson; Emerging Practitioner Award, Rob Pettit

2015 – Advanced Practitioner Award, Patrice Guilfoyle; Practitioner Award, Jim Beaugez; Emerging Practitioner Award, Erin Barham

2016 – Advanced Practitioner Award, Lieutenant Colonel Christian Patterson, APR+M; Practitioner Award, Liz Densmore; Emerging Practitioner Award, Jason Scott