PRAM Central member Patrice Guilfoyle accepts a PRism award.

PRAM Central member Patrice Guilfoyle accepts a PRism award.

The PRism awards began in 2003 as a way to honor and recognize outstanding work in the field of public relations by professionals within the state of Mississippi. The awards are judged by professionals outside the geographical boundaries of the Southern Public Relations Federation — Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and Louisiana. The highest award honor goes to the PRism winners, followed by Awards of Excellence and Certificates of Achievement.  Overall, the judges will honor one “Best of Show” will select two entries for the “Judge’s Choice” Awards.

Each year the PRism award winners are announced at the annual PRAM state conference during the PRisms Awards Banquet. The banquet is a fantastic night to celebrate PRAM professionals throughout the state of Mississippi.

Learn more about PRism awards on the Public Relations Association of Mississippi website.

What are the PRism Awards?

  • Annual awards program sponsored by the Public Relations Association of Mississippi (PRAM).
  • Only current members of PRAM are eligible to enter.
  • Variety of categories, from campaigns to individual elements
  • Individual entries are evaluated on their own merits.
  • Entries compared with others only when considered for Judges’ Choice and Best of Show.
  • Award-winning entries demonstrate process and results, beyond tactical excellence.

Why to enter?

  • Become more strategic, results-oriented when planning new projects.
  • Document efforts and results.
  • Review projects from last year to identify award-worthy work.
  • Receive non-competitive evaluation by distant judges since entries are evaluated and scored on their own merits.
  • Receive non-biased recognition for your work.
  • Establish a reputation for quality work.
  • Grow stronger in our skills and industry. You may not win the first time you enter, but you will learn more about the four-step process and how to improve future entries.
  • Earn current awards to keep resume up-to-date.

What have we learned from entering?

  • Follow a strategic process for greater success.
  • Take time to do formal and/or informal research to help develop goals and objectives.
  • Include a basic budget in your submission.
  • Make sure stated goals are broad and objectives are specific, measurable and include time frames.
  • Begin implementation only after research is complete and goals and objectives are defined.
  • Tie your evaluation back to your initial objectives.
  • Remember to include feedback, such as lessons learned and reports to management.
  • Being evaluated is humbling.
  • Always be open to constructive criticism.

How do you enter?

  • Go to for details, categories and instructions.
  • Write your project profile sheet (Consider writing your entry in MS Word and saving the file. Doing so allows you to measure word limits, proof-read, etc., then copy/paste into online form. Entries can then be improved based on the judges’ feedback for SPRF’s Lantern awards in the fall.)
  • Collect materials to support your entry.
  • Submit high-quality copies or the actual item in your binder.
  • Insert printed pieces and electronic media into envelopes or protectors so judges can access easily and re-insert.
  • Enter online and then ship binder to arrive by deadline.

Consider carefully your choice for the award label when entering. The information is used for awards, the presentation ceremony and any duplicates ordered. If you have questions, ask a fellow PRAM member to provide feedback on your entry. Remember we’re not competing.

How are entries evaluated?

  • Research, planning, implementation, evaluation
  • Judges look for evidence of the four-step PR process.
  • Organize your binder to follow the four-step process.
  • Judges read project profile sheets in-depth, then review support materials in binder.
  • Judges have only 15-20 minutes to spend on each entry.
  • Proof your submission. Points may be deducted.
  • Read the rules and follow them! Points may be deducted.
  • Don’t include everything. Points may be deducted.
  • Remember that your binder may be shipped multiple times, so use quality materials to keep your binder looking good with all materials intact.