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Mississippi Development Authority recruitment notice for a program manager

by admin

The Mississippi Development Authority is an Equal Opportunity Employer and will fill these positions without regard to Age, Race, Religion, National Origin, Genetic Information, Color, Sex, Marital Status, or Disability.

Job Title: MDA-Program Manager V

Special Notes: Some overnight travel required

Recruitment: April 17 – 21, 2017

Annual Salary: $55,000.00

Location: Social Media and Branding Bureau in the Marketing & Communications Division

City/State: Jackson, MS in Hinds County

Principal Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Management of both Visit Mississippi and MDA social media channels including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, SnapChat as well as MDA websites.
  • Facilitating Facebook live feeds for Visit Mississippi and MDA
  • Facilitate email distributions and e-blasts for Visit Mississippi and MDA
  • Manage sweepstakes on behalf of the agency.
  • Draft blog content as needed
  • Work with graphic designers, writers and other MDA team members to development social media content

Educational and Experience Requirements: Refer to attached Class Specification

Who May Apply: MDA employees and other applicants

How to Apply:

1) A State of MS paper application may be obtained from and then submitted to one of these locations:

  • WIN Job Center (Select http://mdes.ms.gov/win-job-centers/ for local phone numbers and addresses)
  • MS State Personnel Board at http://www.mspb.ms.gov/ (601.359.1406) (210 East Capitol Street, Suite 800, Jackson, MS 39201)
    Note: The job number should appear on the paper application. Complete and submit supplemental questions that pertain to the job description.

The deadline for submitting State of MS applications is 5:00 pm on the closing date of recruitment.

2) An Electronic application may be submitted through the State Personnel Board website at

The deadline for submitting electronic applications is 11:59 p. m. on the closing date of recruitment.

MDA complies with E-Verify which is an internet based system operated by the Department of Homeland Security in partnership with the Social Security Administration that allows participating employers to electronically verify the employment eligibility of their newly hired employees.


Bargaining Unit: N/A Class Code:
Established Date: Jan 1, 2016
Revision Date: Dec 18, 2015
$55,000.00 – $96,250.00 Annually

This is the supervisory level in the MDA-Program Manager series. An employee in this class functions independently performing a variety of complex duties providing technical assistance services to clients of the Agency’s economic and community development, film production, and tourism programs and/or units. The work involves providing general information, research, and technical assistance within numerous program areas of the agency, utilizing a variety of documents, reports, analysis, and strategies from both the public and private sectors. The work is performed in a professional capacity and includes writing, researching, analyzing, interfacing with others, and performing other duties which may be unique to the program and its services. Frequent travel and the interaction with representatives from business, industry, government, local communities, and the general public may be required. Writing, speaking, and computer skills are necessary in the performance of the job duties. Work is performed independently with general reports to an administrative superior. Provides management and advanced technical assistance to subordinate staff members in the entry levels of the series.

Examples of work performed in this classification include, but are not limited to, the following:
Develops initiatives to encourage economic development in the State of Mississippi.
Acts as an advisor to clients and works with staff in other units on various film, tourism, marketing, sales, public relations, research, community development, and economic development projects.
Manages and directs activities involved with the development, planning, implementation, and evaluation of various programs and events, including budgeting for and analysis of information collected from the program or event.
Prepares detailed analysis of financial statements and requirements.
Provides technical assistance in conducting research for marketing opportunity studies, trial development projects, and economic and community data analyses.
Identifies sources of capital for clients, utilizing knowledge of loan programs, grant programs, and private fund sources.
Provides training on and technical assistance with all agency, federal, state, and local government policies and regulations related to the unit of assignment.
Provides recommendations on and technical assistance with economic development strategies, marketing, and other specific assistance as requested by clients.
Represents the agency and division with professionalism both on the job and in the community.
Performs related or similar duties as required or assigned.

A Master’s Degree from an accredited four-year college or university;
Six (6) years of experience related to the described duties;
A Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited four-year college or university;
Seven (7) years of experience related to the described duties.


Any candidate who is called to an agency for an interview must notify the interviewing agency in writing of any reasonable accommodation needed prior to the date of the interview.

The following competencies describe the knowledge, skills, abilities, and attributes that lead to a successful employee in this position. An applicant will be expected to exhibit these competencies or the ability to reach competency achievement within a specified time. These competencies are linked to the essential functions of the job. Employees in this position may be evaluated on these competencies as part of the performance appraisal system. Example behaviors are listed below each competency and are used for illustrative purposes only. Specific behaviors may be identified and included later by the hiring agency. It is understood that some of these behaviors might not be acquired until a reasonable time after hire. Failure of an employee to successfully demonstrate some or all of these competencies, as deemed important by his or her reporting official, may result in the employee being placed on a performance improvement plan. If after a reasonable period of time, usually three (3) months, the employee fails to demonstrate successful performance, the employee may be terminated. These competencies include, but are not limited to, the following:
Integrity: Demonstrates a sense of responsibility and commitment to the public trust through statements and actions.
Models and demonstrates high standards of integrity, trust, openness, and respect for others. Demonstrates integrity by honoring commitments and promises. Demonstrates integrity by maintaining necessary confidentiality.
Work Ethic: Is productive, diligent, conscientious, timely, and loyal.
Conscientiously abides by the rules, regulations, and procedures governing work. Meets deadlines. Work product is of a high quality. Follows through on assigned tasks until they are completed correctly. Takes ownership of tasks and duties.
Service Orientation: Demonstrates a commitment to quality public service through statements and actions.
Seeks to understand and meet and/or exceed the needs and expectations of customers. Treats customers with respect, responding to requests in a professional manner, even in difficult circumstances. Provides accurate and timely service. Develops positive relationships with customers. Obtains first-hand customer information and uses it to improve projects and/or services.
Accountability: Accepts responsibility for actions and results.
Is productive and carries fair share of the workload. Focuses on quality and expends the necessary time and effort to achieve goals. Demonstrates loyalty to the job and the agency and is a good steward of state assets. Steadfastly persists in overcoming obstacles and pushes self for results. Maintains necessary attention to detail to achieve high level of performance. Deals effectively with pressure and recovers quickly from setbacks. Takes ownership of tasks, performance standards, and mistakes. Knows the organization’s mission and functions, and how it fits into state government.
Self Management Skills: Effectively manages emotions and impulses and maintains a positive attitude.
Encourage and facilitates cooperation, pride, trust, and group identity. Fosters commitment and team spirit. Works effectively and cooperatively with others to achieve goals. Treats all people with respect, courtesy, and consideration. Communicates effectively. Remains open to new ideas and approaches. Avoids conflicts of interest. Promotes cooperation and teamwork. Continuously evaluates, adapts, and copes effectively with change. Allows self and others to make mistakes and learns from those mistakes. Adheres to high ethical standards.
Interpersonal Skills: Shows understanding, courtesy, tact, empathy, and concern to develop and maintain relationships.
Demonstrates cross-cultural sensitivity and understanding. Identifies and seeks to solve problems and prevent or resolve conflict issues. Encourages others through positive reinforcement. Expresses facts and ideas both verbally and in writing in a clear, convincing, and organized manner, helping others translate vision into action. Models appropriate behavior. Recognizes and develops potential in others; mentors. Builds constructive and effective relationships.
Communication Skills: Receives, attends to, interprets, and responds to verbal messages and expresses information to individuals or groups effectively.
Receives nonverbal cues, such as body language in ways that are appropriate to listeners and situations. Takes into account the audience and nature of the information. Listens to others and responds appropriately. May make oral presentations. Communicates ideas, suggestions, and concerns as well as outcomes and progress throughout the course of an activity. Provides thorough and accurate information. Can accurately restate the opinions of others even when he/she disagrees.
Self-Development: Adapts behavior or work methods in response to new information, changing conditions, or unexpected obstacles.
Seeks efficient learning techniques to acquire and apply new knowledge and skills. Uses training, feedback, or other opportunities for self-learning and development. Develops and enhances skills to adapt to changing organizational needs. Remains open to change and new information, and ideas. Is committed to and actively works to continuously improve himself/herself.

Technical Proficiency: The ability and willingness to exhibit competency in the technical areas needed to do a specific job.
Reads, comprehends, and correctly applies all rules, regulations, and policies applicable to work assignments. Performs work with a minimum amount of supervision in areas that are familiar.
Workflow Management: The ability and willingness to perform work within defined specifications and timelines, and to manage conflicting priorities.
Operates under specific time constraints and within specified deadlines. Effectively prioritizes tasks in order to meet deadlines. Works on appropriate priorities to get the job done.
Problem Solving/Decision Making: The ability and willingness to cooperate with other employees in identifying and solving problems in order to effectively and efficiently complete assigned tasks.
Exhibits ability to identify and address issues. Ensures that all problems encountered are addressed at the appropriate level and communicates all relevant information on a timely basis with accuracy and completeness. Exercises sound reasoning. Displays the ability and willingness to work with other offices or other divisions in order to collectively complete assigned tasks or problems as they arise.
Stakeholder Relations: The ability and willingness to interact and communicate effectively with stakeholders.
Proactively provides stakeholders with proper information in an effort to reduce occurrences of future problems. Supports the agency mission and goals in all interactions with internal and external stakeholders. Acts as an advocate for agency policy.

Emotional Maturity: Conducts oneself in a professional, consistent manner when representing the organization.
Has the ability to work through adversity and hold self and others accountable for work actions. Takes risks appropriate to one’s level of responsibility. Acts as a settling influence in a crisis. Exhibits the ability to work through challenges and create opportunities.
Macro-Oriented: Exercises good judgment and makes sound, well-informed decisions.
Understands and appropriately applies procedures, requirements, and regulations related to specialized areas of expertise. Understands the effects of decisions on the organization and on other organizations. Acts as a change agent by initiating and supporting change within the agency when necessary.
Working Through Others: Supports, motivates, and is an advocate for staff.
Creates effective teams; shows a willingness to get work done through others. Clearly and comfortably delegates work, trusting and empowering others to perform. Reinforces and rewards team efforts and positive behaviors. Is fair, yet firm with others. Monitors workloads and provides feedback.
Results Oriented: Plans effectively to achieve or exceed goals, sets and meets deadlines.
Identifies, analyzes, and solves problems. Develops standards of performance and knows what and how to measure.
Resource Management: Acquires, effectively and efficiently administers, and allocates human, financial, material, and information resources.
Demonstrates ability to plan, prioritize, and organize.

LEC summer 2017 internship opportunity

by admin

LEC’s Director of Communications announces the opportunity for a college student majoring in the field of Communications, or a related field, to gain valuable experience in a summer internship at a leading Industrial Automation Engineering firm. Intern will work directly with the Director of Communications on all aspects of internal and external communications activities to gain knowledge and experience in real-world communication endeavors. Intern will assist with new and ongoing public relations, marketing and advertising efforts. Intern is not entitled to wages or any sort of entitlements for time spent in the LEC Internship Program.

Internship Schedule
Internship will begin May 30, 2017 and continue until August 4, 2017. Intern has the option to begin internship prior to May 1 and to extend internship past August 4, if desired.

Intern will work a minimum of six (6) hours per week, with the option to work additional hours, if desired by Intern. Intern may select preferred work days (Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.) with the understanding the schedule must receive prior approval from the Director of Communications.
Internship Application and Submission Deadline
Interested candidates should email LEC’s Director of Communications Liz Densmore to apply for the position. Ldensmore@LECINC.com

The deadline to submit applications is Friday, March 31, 2017 at 5 p.m.

Primary Learning Objectives

  1. Assist with development of creative concepts and marketing strategies.
  2. Coordinate with graphic designer to translate creative concepts into print, online and other collateral materials.
  3. Develop content for promotional materials including, but not limited to direct mail pieces, print and electronic newsletters, website and social media content, news releases and other materials as needed.
  4. Assist with copy editing for the various promotional materials defined above.

Specific Tasks to Accomplish

  1. Intern will assist in developing concepts and ideas for current and new company Communications-related activities and publications.
  2. Intern will participate in meetings, events and activities related to LEC Communications endeavors.
  3. Intern will write copy for LEC collateral materials, news releases, newsletters, publications and social media outlets.
  4. Intern will assist with creation, development and proofing of company materials and publications.

Additional Information

  • LEC’s Director of Communications will guide, oversee and assist Intern with all activities.
  • Intern will be under direct supervision of LEC’s Director of Communications.
  • Intern will be provided with opportunities to receive real-world experience in a safe, positive and instructional environment.
  • Intern will have 100% access to LEC’s Director of Communications at all times.
  • Intern will be provided invaluable learning experiences under the supervision of a communications professional with over 16 years of communications experience.
  • LEC’s Director of Communications will actively participate, monitor, direct, oversee, and have final review of and authority over any and all of the Intern’s activities.
  • LEC provides that the training derives no immediate advantage from the activities of the Intern.
  • LEC recognizes, maintains and understands that the Intern is not entitled to a job LEC at the conclusion of the internship.
  • LEC recognizes, maintains and understands that the Intern is not entitled to wages or any sort of entitlements for time spent in the internship.

About LEC
Leaders in Industrial Automation Control Engineering and IIoT Communication LEC provides industrial automation and control engineering, and industrial IoT enablement and cloud platform services of the highest quality with an unending commitment to our Clients, Strategic Partners and Communities. Through Client and Partner engagement, technical innovation, research and investment in the brightest human resources, we engineer smarter systems to achieve complete satisfaction of those we serve. With each project our goal is to establish a new standard of quality and professionalism.

About LEC’s Director of Communications
Liz Hogue Densmore brings over 16 years of communications-related experience to LEC’s executive team, where she is responsible for all aspects of external and internal communications and human resource-related activities.

Her previous positions as a television news reporter and anchor, media representative at the Mississippi State Department of Health, and Director of Public Relations and Marketing at the USA International Ballet Competition have prepared her to expertly meet the marketing needs of LEC. Liz is a graduate of the University of Mississippi, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism with an Emphasis in Public Relations and Minors in English and Theatre.

Liz was selected as one of Mississippi’s 50 Leading Business Women for 2015 and as a 2017 Top 50 Under 40 Business Leader by the Mississippi Business Journal. She was recently named “Public Relations Practitioner of the Year” by the Public Relations Association of Mississippi’s (PRAM) Central Chapter. Liz serves as VP of Membership for PRAM Central, is a Rankin County Chamber Ambassador and a member of the Junior League of Jackson.

American Heart Association seeking a Director of Communications and Marketing in Birmingham, AL

by admin

Are you ready to join an organization where you can make an extraordinary impact every day?

Imagine all Americans enjoying ideal cardiovascular health free of heart disease and stroke. At the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association, we get to work toward that goal every day. Is it easy? No. Is it worthwhile? Absolutely.

This is satisfying and challenging work that makes a real difference in people’s lives. We are where you can achieve professional growth with personal fulfillment. We are where you can connect people to making a lifesaving impact. We are where you can partner with individuals, schools, lawmakers, healthcare providers and others to ensure everyone has access to healthier lifestyle choices and proper healthcare. The American Heart Association is where you can make an extraordinary impact.

We are currently seeking a MEDIA RELATIONS / COMMUNICATIONS professional for our Birmingham, AL market. Will be responsible for MANAGING, PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTING ALL ASPECTS of the COMMUNICATIONS, MARKETING, AND MEDIA AND PUBLIC RELATIONS PLANS for the market. Under the supervision of the VP of Communications, will provide targeted, proactive positioning of the American Heart Association as the public’s leading authority on cardiovascular health and science through internal and external communications, marketing, media relations and special promotions.


  • Knowledge of, and ability to edit, various marketing materials and internal communication pieces, such as PSA’s, fact sheets, brochures, posters, etc.
  • Knowledge and experience working with mass media communication and a wide variety of social media.
  • Good organizational skills and ability to plan and act independently on projects with minimal supervision.
  • Experience working with budgets and producing financial reports.
  • Excellent written communication skills which includes editing and proof reading.
  • Ability to conceptualize and reason through problems to workable solutions.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and, as needed, outside standard business hours.


  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in communications, public relations, journalism, marketing or related field (Bachelor’s degree and/or equivalent experience Preferred).
  • 2-5 years’ experience in the communications or marketing field. Prior non-profit experience is a plus.
  • Knowledge of diverse mass and alternative media as well as principles of journalism including news gathering, interviewing, writing and editing.
  • Highly effective public relations, promotion, marketing and business communications skills.
  • Skill in working across all levels of media contacts, community leaders, volunteers and staff and influencing desired outcomes.
  • Ability to simultaneously manage multiple, complex projects in varying stages of development under time pressure with appropriate communication to all stakeholders.
  • Ability and willingness to travel within the surrounding media market.
  • Ability to work occasional evenings and weekends, as needed.

Attracting talented, committed employees means offering a competitive benefits package, ongoing professional development and training, and a diverse and inclusive environment in which to work and grow. And we do. VISIT WWW.HEART.ORG/CAREERS AND CLICK “BENEFITS” FOR MORE INFORMATION .

NOTE: APPLICANTS MUST APPLY ON-LINE. Our recruitment system does not accept faxed or hard copy resumes. You will receive an automated response notifying you that your application has been received. Only those that are selected to interview will be contacted directly. The American Heart Association will not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of age, race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, national origin, disability, veterans’ status, sexual orientation, marital status or based on political or religious opinions or affiliations, membership or non-membership in employee organizations.

Job Location

Birmingham, Alabama, United States

Position Type


JOB CATEGORY: Marketing/Communications

EOE Minorities/Females/Protected Veterans/Disabled

Visit the American Heart Association to apply online today!

Entergy looking to hire a Communications Specialist

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Entergy is currently looking to hire a Communications Specialist. The opportunity is to support the planning and implementation of the company’s social media strategy and integrated digital presence, deploying new and existing digital communication technologies as a key component of the company’s overall stakeholder communications plan.

Job Duties/Responsibilities

  • Work with communications team to implement the defined social media strategy across various platforms and communities.
  • Provide hands-on support, maintenance and management of companywide social media properties. Plan and staff to maintain coverage of the company’s collective social media presence during crisis situations.
  • Track, analyze and report on the effectiveness of social media efforts. The candidate will use performance data to help teams iterate and evolve social content for greater engagement.
  • Provide support to other team members as appropriate with execution of social media and optimizing platforms, linkage, broad content ideation/generation, messaging, engagement and ROI.
  • Monitor, identify, interpret, report and analyze social media data/trends and their impact on the company.
  • Develop relationships with relevant bloggers, industry colleagues, industry publications and associations, and other stakeholders in the social sphere.
  • Ensure Entergy’s organizational website includes integration points to various social networking and microblogging sites and tools.
  • Identify innovative new social media initiatives to support ongoing Entergy campaigns.

Minimum Requirements

Minimum education required of the position

  • Requires a college or university degree in related field or equivalent work experience.

Minimum experience

  • 3-7+ years

Minimum knowledge, skills, and abilities required of the position

  • Strong experience in public relations.
  • Proven writing, editing and communications planning skills. (AP style knowledge required.)
  • Demonstrated ability to use or learn to use an array of software including the Adobe Creative suite (Photoshop, Premiere, etc.), Office, HTML editing software, analytics tools, and a variety of audio, video and infographic production programs.
  • Experience in stakeholder management and high-level communications.
  • Ability to lead and motivate matrixed teams.
  • Strong collaborating and influencing skills (provide advice, counsel and recommend actions to peers and internal clients).
  • Industry knowledge (regulated environment) a plus.
  • Crisis and risk management skills.
  • Project management skills including ability to manage multiple priorities, organizational ability and ability to diagnose process and project needs and drive to a successful conclusion.
  • Demonstrated effective use and understanding of social media channels, strategies and measurement.
  • Experience in multiple formats of communication – written, visual, multimedia.
  • Passion for social media and engagement.
  • Adaptability to change.

For more information and to apply online, visit the Entergy website.


Apply to be an Electronic Communication Specialist at Millsaps

by admin

The Electronic Communication Specialist, reporting to the Director of Enrollment Operations, supports all aspects of the electronic communications process for the Millsaps Admissions Undergraduate Office and Graduate Office. The major area of responsibility includes maintaining and creating all aspects of the communication workflow using Slate CRM Software.


  • Manage face-to face communication, workflow coordination, creation of templates and forms, validation and distribution of electronic communication for our freshman, transfer, international and graduate prospects, inquiries and applicants.
  • Create, manage and maintain all electronic and hard copy communications as needed.
  • Configuration, testing, mapping and maintenance of all data imported into Slate CRM and all exports into Datatel, including application and inquiry data, test scores, transcripts and other documents submitted as part of the application process.
  • Providing, maintaining, and monitoring user access for Slate CRM.
  • Manage upgrades, handle critical user issues, and ensure high performance of Slate CRM software.
  • Facilitate training efforts individually and/or group sessions on database and device functionality for immediate team members and other College staff.
  • Under direction of supervisor, assist in the creation and design of reports and dashboard configurations from CRM data, according to appropriate roles and user need.
  • Under direction of supervisor, assess and ensure best practice security standards for work flow and data exchange.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities

  • Bachelor’s Degree is required; advanced degree preferred.
  • Ability to quickly learn new technologies and adapt to varying technological environments.
  • Ability to participate in professional face-to-face, written, and virtual communication and training with department administrators, staff, other personnel, hardware/software vendors, technical support staff, and the college community in general.
  • Able to assist in determining technical problems in person or over the phone and use independent judgment and professional principles to create a best-fit solution.
  • Excellent communication skills (written, oral and technological), able to work in team environments and individually.
  • Detail-oriented, highly organized, think creatively, solve problems and take initiative.
  • A minimum of two years successful experience with database management or report writing.
  • Experience assisting in designing and maintaining software deployments and implementations.

Interested applicants should send a letter of interest, resume, and contact information for three employment-related references to Tammy Champion, tammy.champion@millsaps.edu, Attn: ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION SEARCH.

Eligibility for employment is contingent upon successful completion of a background screening. Millsaps College is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from women and minorities.