Earn your APR in 2017

by Sandi Beason

This could be the year you earn your accreditation in public relations (APR)! Let the APR speak for you. Experienced, educated, ethical: That’s what the Accreditation in Public Relations says about you. In the competitive PR and communications career market, you can distinguish yourself-communicate your superior breadth of experience, depth of industry knowledge, and passion for PR with just three letters.


The APR process is like training for a race; you must plan and pace yourself. The time frame, challenges and motivation to keep going will be unique to you, but it’s well worth the sense of satisfaction at the end. If you are curious about the process or ready to pursue your APR, let’s get together and talk.


  • Meetings are scheduled once a month for interested APR candidates to ask questions, go over resources and have group discussion.
  • You can also schedule a one-on-one with Career Development Coordinator, Erin Barham, APR.


To get more information, please contact Erin by email at erin.barham@medicaid.ms.gov.