Joey Goodsell: The Art of Visual Storytelling

by Sandi Beason

Speaker: Joey Goodsell, videosmith and founder/owner, Goodsell Productions

Title of Presentation: “The Art of Visual Storytelling”

Company Website: Goodsell Productions


Join us at the July meeting for an engaging presentation about the power of video and its impact on telling your story.


Meeting information
The meeting will take place 11:45 a.m. on Wednesday, July  26, in Jackson’s Capital Club. The Capital Club is located at 125 S. Congress Street, on the 19th floor.

$16 for members who RSVP
$18 for guests
$18 for members who RSVP after deadline or who RSVP and don’t attend

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About the presentation:


About the presenter:

“I’m convinced that growing up in a small Mississipi town is why I developed such a creative imagination. Daydreaming about things I read about in books and magazines fueled that creativity. As a kid, I pretended to be a sound engineer and a camera operator even though I didn’t know what it was called. It still amazes me that I could turn my childhood fascination into a career.

“My professional and teaching careers have offered me many opportunities including producing, directing, shooting and editing corporate videos, documentaries, television commercials and news stories. I’ve also produced and edited live music concerts for TV and DVD, and operated camera on a variety of projects. As full-time faculty at University of Alabama, Southern Miss and Southern Illinois University, I taught a variety of classes in television, video and audio production. I helped improve and develop successful media production curricula at several different universities.

“I have been extremely blessed to have two successful careers winning both professional and teaching awards that include two regional Emmy nominations. Fast-forward to today and you will find someone who still has incredible passion for media production. My dad’s 8mm film camera sits on a shelf in my office as a reminder of where my journey began.”