Goal: Maintain PRAM Central’s status as the leading chapter in APR development in the state through the following objectives:


  • Have the largest percentage of members who are APRs of any chapter in the state

  • Increase the total number of APRs in our chapter by five in 2019

  • Increase the total number of APR+Ms in our chapter by two in 2019

  • Increase our chapter’s online APR resources

  • Identify opportunities to reengage existing APRs to help them maintain accreditation through at least one maintenance event



Goal: Continue to identify and improve efficiencies in how we manage our chapter and make more processes electronic, turn-key and easily transitional between boards through the following objectives:


  • Develop monthly budget activity report to better track income and expenses by each budget category in order to ensure adherence to annual budget

  • Analyze cost of current monthly membership lunch meeting fees to make determination on monthly luncheon fee pricing going forward

  • Document best practices with specific instructions for treasurer position going forward

  • Maintain our financial stability by keeping a minimum running monthly balance of $7,500.00



Goal: Increase the promotion of our chapter and increase communication with chapter members through both traditional and digital strategies and tactics.


  • Extensively update, expand and improve all aspects of the PRAM Central website to establish it as the go-to source for any and all up-to-date chapter-related materials, tools & information

  • Expand our chapter’s digital media presence (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) via the increased use of visual media tools such as photos, digital graphics, videos, etc. for use in promotion and communication

  • Expand our traditional media outreach efforts by increasing the number of chapter-related submissions such as press releases, cut lines, events, etc. to media outlets  




Goal: Provide all members with the opportunity to further connect with a broad network of professionals who have a diverse experience and skillset in public relations, communications, marketing and advertising


  • Grow PRAM Central membership base by 20% (25 new members)

  • Increase membership amongst students and educators by 10% compared to 2018

  • Provide new members with onboarding training

  • Promote the use of SPRF database among PRAM Central members



Goal: Ensure that the chapter’s monthly meetings and other development opportunities are informative, provide value to members and represent a diverse perspective of thought


  • Develop a schedule of diverse monthly speakers to increase attendance at monthly chapter meetings

  • Solicit input of speakers from both board members and members

  • Provide members with two development workshop opportunities



Goal: Promote local, state and regional award opportunities that provide members the ability to communicate the value of their work to a broader audience both within their organization and among their peers


  • Increase the total PRism and Lantern entries by 10% compared to 2018

  • Increase the total number of applicants to the PRAM Central Outstanding Professional awards by 10% compared to 2018

  • Identify an advisement council to review the Professional of the Year nominee’s entry from PRAM Central and the Chapter of Distinction of Award entries


Goal: Improve the ability for students from the seven colleges, universities and community colleges in the Jackson area to participate in chapter events


  • Organize at least one event to connect members with students

  • Identify a potential pool of members eligible for the Educator of the Year Award




Goal: Provide members with the opportunity to engage with the community around us through professional and service events.


  • Organize at least two public service events in 2019

  • Organize at least one PR/communications workshop open to the public in 2019

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