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Goal: Create an environment that encourages members to pursue accreditation.


  • Assist APR candidates in obtaining accreditation/encourage others to seek accreditation

  • Hold at least one APR-maintenance event/career development workshop for members

  • Increase/Maintain PRAM Central’s online APR resources

  • Promote accreditation to membership throughout the year through newsletters, website blog posts, recognition of members as they earn APR

  • Update accreditation list 



Goal: Continue to identify and improve efficiencies in how we manage our chapter and make more processes electronic, turn-key and easily transitional between boards through the following objectives:


  • Develop monthly budget activity report to better track income and expenses by each budget category in order to ensure adherence to annual budget

  • Maintain our financial stability by keeping a minimum running monthly balance of $7,500.00

  • Streamline on-site payment process to increase efficiency



Goal: Increase the promotion of our chapter and increase communication with chapter members through both traditional and digital strategies and tactics.


  • Streamline and create PRAM Central brand standards and modify in accordance to PRAM state brand guidelines. Catalog standards and templates for future use.

  • Extensively update and improve all aspects of the PRAM Central website according to industry best practices, including UX/UI design, ADA accessibility, SEO and brand standards. Establish the website as the go-to source for any and all up-to-date chapter-related materials. Train board members to edit as needed.

  • Foster conversations and activity between monthly meetings by increasing engagement through channels such as the PRAM Central Facebook group. Encourage the sharing of notable information about members, job listings, member spotlights and testimonials to be shared across PRAM Central channels.  




Goal: Provide members with opportunities to grow professionally and connect with a broad network of communications professionals with a diverse range of experiences and skillsets.


  • Grow PRAM Central membership base by 20% over 2019 total

  • Recruit at least 25 student members

  • Achieve 75% renewal rate within first quarter of the year

  • Communicate benefits of membership via PRAM Central quarterly newsletter

  • Further automate renewal and joining process using online tools 



Goal: Ensure that the chapter’s monthly meetings and other development opportunities are informative, provide value to members and represent a diverse perspective of thought skillsets.


  • Develop a schedule of diverse monthly speakers to increase attendance at monthly chapter meetings

  • Solicit input of speakers from both board members and members

  • Provide members with two development workshop opportunities

  • Follow the RPIE model and have a speaker each quarter to cover each topics



Goal: Promote local, state and regional award opportunities that provide members the ability to communicate the value of their work to a broader audience both within their organization and among their peers


  • Increase advertising for the Chapter Awards Program, highlight past winners

  • Recognize PRAM Central award winners (from state conference) at May Chapter Meeting

  • Create and provide resources to assist PRAM Central members with PRism/other award entries


Goal: Continue offering college students opportunities to participate in chapter events


  • Organize at least one event to connect members with students

  • Nominate a PRAM Central member for the SPRF Educator of the Year Award

  • Create a speaker database composed of chapter APRs who have topics they are SMEs on. Offer this resource of speakers to local college/university classes/student PRAM chapters.




Goal: Provide members with the opportunity to engage with the community around us through professional and service events.


  • Organize at least two public service events in 2020

  • Organize at least one social event for members, inviting potential members to join

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