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Benefits of
Earning APR

The APR credential is valuable to those practitioners who earn it; to the agencies, clients and organizations they represent; and, perhaps most importantly, to the public relations profession itself.

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Recognized Standard

Established in 1964, the Accreditation Program is the profession’s only national post-graduate certification program. It measures a public relations practitioner’s fundamental knowledge of communications theory and its application; establishes advanced capabilities in research, strategic planning, implementation and evaluation; and demonstrates a commitment to professional excellence and ethical conduct. The skills acquired through the process are applicable to any industry or practice area. Currently, more than 5,000 professionals from the agency, corporate, association and education fields hold the APR mark. Granting of APR is overseen by the Universal Accreditation Board.

Promotes Lifelong Learning

All APRs are required to complete continuing education programs, pursue volunteer work or pursue other professional development activities to keep their skills sharp and their Accredited status active.

Career Enhancement

Unlike other professional certifications, such as CPA, Accreditation in Public Relations is a voluntary demonstration of competency; as such, it reflects a strong commitment to the profession. Earning Accreditation also provides a distinction that can set individuals apart and open doors to career advancement and higher compensation.

Positive for Public Relations
Our profession is among the most misunderstood and criticized. Through their high professional and ethical standards, Accredited professionals contribute to greater understanding of public relations as a vital management function, and undermine those who would refer to our craft as spin, our professionals as flacks, and our currency as misrepresentation and disinformation.

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PRAm Central Chapter Accredited Members

PRAM Central Chapter Accredited Members

  • Sandi Beason, APR

  • Jim Beaugez, APR

  • Caron Blanton, APR

  • Alana Bowman, APR

  • Mary Margaret Busby, APR

  • Nicole Bradshaw, APR

  • Celeste Cade Hickman, APR

  • Susan Christensen, APR

  • Jean Cook, APR

  • Liz Hogue Densmore, APR

  • Judy Ferguson, APR

  • Michael Flood, APR

  • Patrice Guilfoyle, APR

  • Lisa Hathorn, APR

  • Mara M. Hartmann, APR

  • Elaina Jackson, APR

  • Jon Kalahar, APR

  • Mignon Kucia, APR

  • William D. Moak, APR

  • Lt. Col Christian Patterson, APR+M

  • Wendy Polk, APR

  • Donna Ritchey, APR

  • Leah R. H. Robinson, APR

  • Kathryn Rodenmeyer, APR

  • Philip Shirley, APR

  • Jan Schaefer, APR

  • Chrystelle Thames, APR

  • Patti Wade, APR

  • Matt Westerfield, APR


Certificate in Principles

  • Sophia Bauer

  • Katelyn Head

  • Kelton Kemp

  • Samantha Leard

  • Hillary Malvaney

  • Calli Moore

Accreditation in Public Relations (APR): Inner_about
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