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PRAM Central Offers Many Benefits to its Members:

  • networking

  • socials

  • meetings

  • an opportunity to build business relationships

  • continuing education

  • speakers

  • conferences

  • job notices

  • support for professional development, such as accreditation information and mentoring

  • and much more!



An individual who is of established professional standing in public relations shall be eligible for membership. Interpretation of this requirement shall be vested in the Central Chapter Board, which shall be guided by the nature of the applicant’s occupational duties if responsibility for public relations activities is not indicated by the applicant’s job title. The board shall be guided by the precepts of the association as stated in the association’s constitution and by-laws.

Rights and Privileges

Each chapter member, regardless of category, shall enjoy all benefits and participation in PRAM, including membership in the Mississippi State PRAM Association and the Southern Public Relations Federation. All chapter members shall be entitled to a Certificate of Membership, and each member who has paid current dues shall be eligible to vote and hold office.



PRAM Central has four categories of membership:

The membership shall be owned by the business, which applies for membership, pays dues and is represented by an employee. The corporation has the authority to appoint a new member if the corporate representative changes employment. Dues are $75 per year for the first member from an organization and $60 for each additional member from the same company or organization.

The individual paying dues shall own the membership; the membership dues shall transfer if the member changes employment; however, a new membership application must be filled out. Dues are $75 per year.

The student membership carries with it all rights of full membership in the Central Chapter, other than voting privileges or the ability to hold office. It entitles the student to membership in the state PRAM or SPRF. Dues are $20 per year, and students EAT FOR JUST $5 at our monthly membership meetings. 

Individuals may be awarded the honor of Life Membership at the discretion of the present Central Chapter Board. This category recognizes PR practitioners who have provided valuable service to the profession and PRAM Central and have reached the age of 55 or older.

If you have questions regarding PRAM membership, email Vice President of Membership Vanessa Lowe-Garcia

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