Annual PRAM Central Outstanding Professionals of the Year Awards


Each year, PRAM Central holds an Outstanding Professionals of the Year Awards Ceremony to honor and recognize the exceptional work and professionalism of three (3) of our Chapter members whose accomplishments have made major contributions to the profession. Recipients embody the highest degree of professionalism, serve their communities, are committed to advancing the profession, and have outstanding achievements in the practice of public relations.


Members are asked to nominate three of their fellow PRAM Central colleagues for the awards to be presented in the categories of:


1. Emerging Practitioner Award (up to 5 years of PR experience)

2. Practitioner Award (between 5-15 years of PR experience)

3. Advanced Practitioner Award (more than 15 years of PR experience)


Chapter members may nominate one candidate in each of the three above categories. Nominees will then be asked to complete an application detailing their accomplishments. The PRAM Central Awards Committee will evaluate and select the three outstanding professionals from all of the member-submitted nominations based on the following criteria:


  • Career accomplishments

  • Professional achievements including PRAM/SPRF involvement & other activities

  • Accreditation and other continuing education

  • Community activities


The PRAM Central Board of Directors will make presentations to the three 2020 award winners during the Jan. 27, 2021 chapter meeting.









PRAM Central Outstanding Professionals of the Year Award Winners



Practitioner Award, Jean Cook, APR;

Emerging Practitioner Award, Alex Lowery;

President's Award, Mary Margaret Busby, APR.


Advanced Practitioner Award, Leyla Goodsell;

Practitioner Award, Matt Westerfield, APR;

Emerging Practitioner Award, Jace Ponder;

President's Award, Jean Cook, APR.


Practitioner Award, Erin Barham;

Emerging Practitioner Award, Morgan Miller; 

President’s Award, Matt Westerfield, APR



Advanced Practitioner Award, Christian Patterson, APR+M;

Practitioner Award, Liz Hogue Densmore, APR;

Emerging Practitioner Award, Jason Scott;

President’s Award, Rob Pettit



Advanced Practitioner Award, Patrice Guilfoyle;

Practitioner Award, Jim Beaugez;

Emerging Practitioner Award, Erin Barham



Advanced Practitioner Award, Susan Christensen;

Practitioner Award, Christian Patterson;

Emerging Practitioner Award, Rob Pettit



Advanced Practitioner Award, Robert Lesley;

Practitioner Award, Meredith Johnson;

Emerging Practitioner Award, Jennifer Lyles Gray



Advanced Practitioner Award, Jarrod Ravencraft;

Practitioner Award, Nicole Bradshaw, APR;

Emerging Practitioner Award, Sandi Beason



Advanced Practitioner Award, Patti Wade;

Emerging Practitioner Award, Matt Ginn



Advanced Practitioner Award, Kathryn Rodenmeyer, APR;

Practitioner Award, Wendy Bailey;

Emerging Practitioner Award, Anne Jernigan



Advanced Practitioner Award, Linda Mann;

Practitioner Award, Chantel Lott;

Emerging Practitioner Award, Tony Bahou



Advanced Practitioner Award, Mara Hartmann;

Practitioner Award, Kelly Bilbo;

Emerging Practitioner Award, Meredith Johnson



Advanced Practitioner Award, Pete Smith;

Practitioner Award, Shannon Coker;

Emerging Practitioner Award, Mick Bullock



Advanced Practitioner Award, Caron Blanton, APR;

Practitioner Award, Susan Christensen;

Emerging Practitioner Award, Melissa Lott



Advanced Practitioner Award, Tanya Rankin;

Practitioner Award, Wendy Copeland;

Emerging Practitioner Award, Kelly Scrivner



Advanced Practitioner Award, Wendy Polk; 

Practitioner Award, Kristen Kern;

Emerging Practitioner Award, Reed O'Brien



Advanced Practitioner Award, Lisa Wiley Hathorn;

Practitioner Award, Chip Mabry;

Emerging Practitioner Award, Wendy Copeland



Advanced Practitioner Award, Carol Mann;

Practitioner Award, Robert Lesley;

Emerging Practitioner Award, Kelly Shannon



Advanced Practitioner Award, Deirdre McGowan;

Practitioner Award, Renee Rollins


Congratulations to PRAM Central's 2019 Outstanding Professional Award winners! Pictured, from left to right, are Emerging Practitioner of the Year Alex Lowery and Practitioner of the Year Jean Cook, APR. There weren't any applicants for the Advanced Practitioner of the Year for 2019.

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