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Board Approved: Feb. 14, 2024



Create an environment that encourages members to pursue accreditation.

  • Assist APR candidates in obtaining accreditation/encourage others to seek accreditation.

  • Organize Readiness Review Panels for at least three PRAM Central members currently seeking accreditation.

  • Hold at least one APR-maintenance event for members and explore collaborations for statewide virtual panel.

  • Promote accreditation to membership throughout the year through chapter meetings, newsletters and social media.

  • Support newly accredited members through earned and owned media.

  • Maintain and increase PRAM Central’s online and social media APR resources, including updating the accreditation list.

Chapter Management

Focus on efficiencies and organization in the chapter and processes that will make management easier, more effective and more transparent.

  • Continue developing the monthly budget activity report to better track income and expenses by each budget category to ensure adherence to the annual budget.

  • Maintain our financial stability by keeping a minimum running monthly balance of $7,500.

  • Find a better way to track incoming payments from state departments. 

  • Further develop the best method for new and renewing members to pay dues online easily and more efficiently, whether via website, or better use of PayPal.



Effectively promote chapter and increase communication with members through both traditional and digital strategies and tactics.

  • Create communication that reflects the chapter's established brand

  • Promote and publish chapter meeting details at least one week preceding the meeting. 

  • Publish and post shared job openings ASAP, not later than three business days from receipt of the announcement. 

  • Disseminate press releases for chapter news, to include: 

  1. Board of Directors installation 

  2. Outstanding Professionals Awards 

  3. Prism Award Winners (won by PRAM Central) 

  4. Chapter Awards (won by PRAM Central) 

  5. Lantern Awards (won by PRAM Central) 

  • Increase post engagement by 5% between February and the end of December.

  • Foster engagement in PRAM Central Facebook Discussion Group with monthly conversation-starter post. 

  • Promote among membership Gmail address for direct access to board of directors at least once per quarter. 

  • Cross promotion of other chapter’s virtual meetings and PRAM state events shared socially.

  • Safely catalog and provide chapter brand standards and templates for future VP Communication successors at term end.


  1. Increase membership by recruiting at least 30 new professional members.

  2. Increase student engagement by recruiting and retaining at least 18 student members.

  3. Achieve a renewal rate of 77% by the April 2024 PRAM State Conference.

  4. Enhance the member experience by effectively communicating membership benefits through multiple channels, including the PRAM Central newsletter, social media, and targeted email campaigns.

  5. Foster a sense of community and collaboration by organizing mentorship programs for members, specifically student members, to connect and learn from each other.

  6. Conduct member surveys to gather feedback and insights and use the findings to continuously improve and tailor membership offerings to meet the evolving needs of communications professionals.

These goals aim to provide valuable opportunities for professional growth, attract new members, engage students, ensure high member retention, improve communication strategies, optimize administrative processes, foster a sense of community, and continuously enhance the membership experience in line with the evolving needs of communications professionals in 2024.


Ensure monthly chapter meetings and other professional development opportunities provide informative and beneficial PR industry knowledge to support and enhance members’ skill sets and career achievements.

  • Develop a schedule of diverse monthly speakers for chapter meetings.

  • Seek members’ topics of interest for 2024 programs.

  • Create surveys to evaluate and receive feedback on monthly meetings and programs. Analyze for insights to guide format decisions and speaker topics.

  • Provide members with at least one workshop and/or other professional development opportunity.

Projects & Public Service 

Investing in the next generation will continue to be a priority, intentionally working to develop young professionals who are an asset to the field.

  • Invite PRAM Central Board members to speak to student PRAM chapters.

  • Invite students to PRAM Central events including socials.

  • Explore one additional community service project opportunity for the chapter, inquiring of the board the type project to which the chapter might best respond.

  • Increase award entries by 10% from the previous year.

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